BLMJ’s week-long 21st Anniversary Celebrations in Israel

Upcoming Event: BLMJ's 21st Anniversary CelebrationWeek of exclusive Archaeological Tours & The 21st Anniversary Gala Dinner
May 26-30, 2013
BLMJ’s 21st Anniversary Celebrations in Israel

The exclusive archaeological tours, led by experts in the field, will explore individuals and communities who fol­lowed their dreams to the land of Israel and left their mark on Israel to this day.

In the Gilboa and Jezreel Valley we will see the vision of the people of the First Aliyah and the inspiration that they took from the Biblical heritage of the region. We will follow Rabbi Yehudah HaNasi (Judah the Prince), chief redactor and editor of the Mishnah to Tzippori (Sepphoris). We will examine the fascinating story of the Templars, their inspiration in coming to the land of Israel and the visible footprints they left in Israel. In Jerusalem, the city that has inspired millions throughout the millennia, we will visit the extended preservation project of the Old City Walls and explore some of the city’s unique architectural gems.

The week culminates with the 21st Anniversary Gala Dinner in honor of Dr. Elie Borowski’s Centennial, the fruition of his dream and a look into the future.

Reserve your place today for the celebration week’s exclusive tours and events and spectacular Gala Dinner on Thursday, May 30th.

Complete Program, 5 Days of Touring and Gala Dinner – $1,090/per person
Tours Only, 5 Days of Touring without the Gala – $830/per person
Gala Dinner Only – $350/per person

For details, information and reservations:

All tours will be conducted in English.
All programs subject to change.
Advance reservations required.