Talk with David Hendin

Upcoming Events: David-Hendin“Coins of the Jewish Wars”
March 14, 2013
American Numismatic Society
75 Varick Street, New York, NY
Leading expert in ancient Jewish and Biblical coins David Hendin explored the numismatic material of the Hebrew peoples before, during, and shortly after the fall of the Second Temple in Jerusalem at the hands of the Romans.  By utilizing images of coins and currency from areas of Israel and the Near East during this time, Hendin helped illustrate how coins created during this episode in history deeply reflected the evolution of the Jewish peoples during these wars, and were used as a unifying element, as well as currency, among the war-torn peoples.  He showed the audience how iconographic choices of those who created these numismatic materials were carefully selected and distributed by the communities to disseminate information and a feeling of Hebrew unity during this troubling time, while also interrelating them with their Roman counterparts.