History Unfolds Before Your Eyes

Discover the drama of the history of the lands of the Bible through the exhibition and display of a select assemblage of The Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem’s rare collection of more than 4,000 Ancient Near Eastern art and archaeological artifacts.

The creative presentation leads you on a journey through time, unlocking the wonder of the people who lived during the biblical period.

The Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem welcomes visitors of all ages and faiths, both laymen and scholars alike, to discover the history of the ancient world from the dawn of civilization to the early Christian era.

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Unmatched Collection

Since opening its doors to the public in 1992, the Museum has earned international acclaim as a universal center for cultural and educational programming. The collection of ancient treasures serves as an inspiration for over 200,000 students, families, Birthright participants and tourists a year. It is an invaluable resource for scholars from around the world who come to study the collection and to access the growing library of publications on Ancient Near Eastern civilizations, Bible and archaeology.

To contact us:
American Friends of the Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem
31 West 34th Street, 7th Floor #7010
New York, NY 10001
(212) 812-4362